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You Can Enroll
Anytime Anywhere!

Empower your Education
Anytime Anywhere

At Your Pace

Why Trust PK-12 Virtual Academy?

Because We Support

  • Self-Paced Learning

  • Advance Learning

  • Bully Free Environment 

  • Extracurricular Pursuits

  • Professional or Medical Challenges


​​PK-12  Virtual  Academy is a global online school that offers every learner an opportunity to empower their education at their pace and time.  

Our Approach

Our personalized approach, combined with cutting-edge technology, provides students with the tools they need to gain the skills and knowledge they need to thrive.

School Credit 

We strive to provide students with the best in virtual learning opportunities so they can maximize their potential and earn their school credits Anytime Anywhere.

Anytime Anywhere

We provide virtual education Anytime Anywhere by giving  students the resources to reach their goals and equip them with the best tools to succeed.

Our Program  

With a diverse curriculum that includes the latest tools and resources, PK-12 Virtual Academy offers a high-quality, personalized education that empowers students of all backgrounds to succeed.